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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Employee of the Month

Congratulations Teddy Bear from a Coworker

Yesterday I was surprised to find out I had been chosen as the university's Employee of the Month for October 2010. Although it was news to me, it turned out everyone else in the library was in on the secret. This is how they sprung the surprise on me: Two of my close work buddies lured me away from my desk for a "vital meeting" on planning the staff Christmas party. LOL, I fell for it and they played their parts well. We were in the midst of discussing menu and decorating options when we were suddenly interrupted by the arrival of two Human Resources employees. I should have had a clue at this point because it's a tradition here to inform employees of their award in a "Gotcha" kind of way. But like all the unsuspecting winners before me, I was completely caught off guard when the announcement was made. "What did you just say?" I asked in disbelief. My friends loved my reaction.

Before I knew what was happening a library cart laden with cupcakes, a veggie tray, and drinks appeared. Shortly afterwards the library staff showed up to offer me congratulations and share in the treats. I was flabbergasted that 35 people could have been in on the secret and I never suspected a thing.

Secretly I have coveted the Employee of the Month award for a long time. The tricky part is that it's based on a nomination submitted by a coworker rather than your boss. Since you can't nominate yourself, you have to hope someone's paying attention to your job efforts. It would be too crass in my book to outright ask a friend to nominate you.

Of course, I was anxious to know who had suggested me. It turned out to be a coworker in the cataloging department I worked in previously who I still worked with occasionally. While filling out the lengthy nomination form, she consulted with my boss and a coworker to get the details of my current job description right. Of all she wrote, I was particularly pleased with the following two sentences I want to share with you:

"From my observation it appears that my nominee loves the task of bringing our library material up to the 21st century through technology...With my nominee you can rest assured we won't be left behind in connecting to digital information sources."

Her words and the opportunity to share the moment with nearly everyone on the library staff meant so much. Just as much if not more than the $150 bonus and reserved parking space I also received.

It was wonderful sharing the news with my family after work. I saucily told my husband to just call me "Miss October". Wink. When I picked my son up from school, he noticed the leftover party cupcakes in the back seat right away. When I told him what they were for, he said, "Finally!" Awww. I'm feeling totally appreciated right now.


Megan said...


Frieda said...

Kudos! Congratulations! Woot! A very deserving award, indeed, especially when cupcakes are involved!

kym said...

Sarah first of all Congrats on being Employee of the Month, I know it is well deserved and secondly YOU HAD CUPCAKES AND DIDN'T PHOTOGRAPH THEM??

I will let this one slide since you were having fun and you were surprised, but next time I want cupcake pics.

Honestly, congrats, you should pat yourself on the back and be very proud!!

PinkLAM said...

Congratulations! It's always nice when hard work is recognized. And yes, a cupcake picture would have been nice, but you are forgiven :)

Liz said...

Congratulations Sarah. I bet you really felt spoilt that day.

It's nice that work you do is recognised.

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thank you, everyone.